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Why Pepsi Is Better Than Coke

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3 Reasons Why I Favor PepsiCo Over Coca-Cola For My Dividend Portfolio

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Why Crystal Pepsi and Others Failed

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Until the 70s (thank Richard Nixon, no joke), Pepsi had the reputation of being a lower quality product, being cheaper overall, despite offering more. Nixon's influence in bringing Pepsi to. Pepsi always denied it was the fear of losing their Arab markets that kept them out of Israel. Like Coca-Cola inPepsi fell back upon the claim of Israel’s being too small to support a.

Mar 30,  · In Pepsi was so confident they had a better taste that they hosted the famous event called Pepsi Challenge, in which consumers were blindfolded Reviews: Pepsi is sweeter than Coke, which explains why most people will pick it as better tasting. However, if you drink an entire glass, that sweetness will not be as pleasant: it's too much.

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Oct 13,  · Don’t Choose the Wrong COCA COLA VS PEPSI Slime Challenge Today Mary and Izzy played Don’t Choose the Wrong COCA COLA VS PEPSI Slime. American students about to graduate from secondary school face big choices at this time of year about the university they will attend: public or private, full-time or part-time, two-year or four-year, vocational or liberal arts, big or small, local or far away, Coke or Pepsi.

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