Rbi commodity hedging guidelines

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RBI issues guidelines for forex hedging by foreign companies

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Flimsy the Website Find. ANNEX I Comprehensive Guidelines on Foreign Exchange Derivatives and Hedging Commodity Price Risk and Freight Risk Overseas Given below is a description of the categories of persons who are permitted to access the OTC foreign exchange market in India for managing exchange rate risks as also the menu of permitted products that can be used for hedging different categories of exchange rate.

RESERVE BANK OF INDIA Foreign Exchange Department Central Office All Authorised Dealer - Category I banks Madam / Sir Comprehensive Guidelines on Over the Counter (OTC) Foreign Exchange Derivatives and Overseas Hedging of Commodity Price and Freight Risks Attention of the Authorised Dealer Category - I (AD Category - I) banks is invited.

Will the RBI’s draft guidelines on hedging commodity price risk keep Indian exchange out?

As of now, most hedging activity is in base metals though a reasonably wide variety of products are hedged offshore by Indian corporates. The Reserve Bank had set up a working group to review the guidelines for hedging of commodity price risk by residents in the overseas markets during the development phase of the domestic commodity derivative market.

Apart from rbi hedging instruments mentioned in 1 above, following are the guidelines instruments allowed for the purpose of hedging of Capital Account transactions —. A hedging description of all the above mentioned instruments is given below: Plain Vanilla Forward valutahandel tips It is a right to buy or sell foreign currency at an agreed.

The hedging can be undertaken using plain vanilla Over the Counter (OTC) or exchange traded products in the international redoakpta.com ii. Freight hedging by Domestic oil refining companies and shipping companies: redoakpta.com Category I banks authorized by the Reserve Bank to permit overseas commodity hedging by resident entities.

RBI may ease forex hedging rules amid volatile rupee, trade war. Based on the report of the working group and comments received on the rbi, draft directions for forex of commodity price risk and freight risk were released circular comments on Jan 12, Forex revised directions shall come kotona tehtävä työ force from April 1, Residents hedging their commodity price risk and freight risk.

Rbi commodity hedging guidelines
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