Our journey to adulthood

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My journey to adulthood

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Event Details. This workshop gives parents information on how to get ready for when their child goes through puberty and adolescence. Parents will learn about the physical, emotional and social changes that come during this time of their child’s life. our journey to adulthood kelsie lesley.

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If Not Now, When? Becoming Our Best Self in Second Adulthood

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The Journey to Adulthood experience incorporates much learning and laughter, but it takes our young people seriously and gives them real work to do. The program. The Journey to Adulthood (J2A) is a complete youth ministry program of spiritual formation for 6thth grades. It encourages relational ministry and uses Bible study, prayer, rites of passage, outreach ministries and both serious and playful activities to underscore the two guiding principles of the program: 1) Manhood and womanhood are free gifts from God; and 2) Adulthood must be earned.

My last chapter is all about the next step we take in our journey to adulthood – which, as it happens, I am writing from my new home!

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Our journey to adulthood
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