Gay lussacs theory

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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

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Gay-Lussac, Joseph Louis

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Gay Lussac's Law - Concept And Theory

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Upside, France, 9 May chemistry, physics. Oftentimes publications by Jules are mistaken as his humor's today since they share the same first language J. Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac. The French chemist and physicist Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac () is distinguished for his work on gas laws and for his studies of the properties of cyanogen and iodine.

Born at Saint-Léonard in the department of Vienne, Joseph Gay-Lussac came from a solidly bourgeois family. Gay-Lussac's Law states that, in a closed system of fixed volume, as the temperature of a gas increases, the pressure increases as well.

This can be explained using kinetic molecular theory, or how the movement of individual gas particles affects the behavior of a gas as a whole. Gay-Lussac was a topnotch experimentalist and theoretician.

More than twenty-five years after Gay-Lussac died, the prominent chemist Marcellin Bertholet (–) once said, "We all teach the chemistry of Lavoisier and Gay-Lussac" (Crosland, p.

Gay Lussac's Law - Concept And Theory

), a. Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac: Joseph-Louis Gay-Lussac, French chemist and physicist who pioneered investigations into the behaviour of gases, established new techniques for analysis, and made notable advances in applied chemistry.

Gay-Lussac was the eldest son of a provincial lawyer and royal official who lost his position with.

Gay-Lussac's law

Gay-Lussac s Law states that the pressure of a given mass of gas varies directly with the Kelvin temperature when the volume remains constant. Gay-Lussac s Law is expressed in a formula form as P1/T1=P2/T2. When dealing with Gay-Lussac s Law, the unit of.

Gay-Lussac's Law was relied upon heavily by Berzelius in the formation of his Theory of Volumes.

Gay-Lussac's law

Gay-Lussac's Law contributed to the determination of the molecular formulae of water, hydrogen chloride, and ammonia. Interestingly, Dalton rejected the validity of Gay-Lussac.

Gay lussacs theory
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