Completed coursework

There are many for completing the readmission process for each new. Students must demonstrate a new transfer application through the Department Application or Coalition application for each subsequent term.

Previously Completed Coursework

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Pre-professional Undergraduate Coursework

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Previously Completed Coursework. Admitted Students. Some Postbac Premed students may have completed one or more of the prerequisite courses before matriculating in the Program. Depending on when such coursework was completed, and the grade(s) received, students may be advised to repeat the course or to take an advanced-level.

No coursework at the level or higher is approved. Languages, Literatures, & Cultures: All courses at the level are approved. All courses at the level or above must be individually reviewed by the department for approval. Important Information about Required Courses. Individuals may apply in their final undergraduate year provided required courses are either completed or in progress.

LIST OF RELATED COURSEWORK. Only include courses that you have completed and are required for or related to the position for which you are applying. Coursework numbers are necessary only if you are applying for a position that requires upper division coursework.

This ensures that all coursework is listed in the [College Coursework] section and that each course is properly classified by TMDSAS standards.

completed coursework

NOTE: Updated transcripts must be submitted to TMDSAS after each semester/quarter that coursework is completed between time of application and expected matriculation into medical school. Transcripts are needed to confirm the semester and year that your courses were completed, and that the Coursework evaluations typically take 14 days to process once payment has been received.

You should submit your coursework well in advance of any applicable deadlines.

Preliminary CTE Coursework Completed coursework
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