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Handwriting Analysis 3 of 6 - Online Certification Course It would be fun to spend a little more time analyzing the handwriting samples that are given with each class. Usually there are a few traits that are analyzed for a few of the samples. About IGAS: IGAS is a professional association that trains handwriting analysts, performs continuing research in the field of handwriting analysis and serves in an advisory and supervisory capacity to organized groups of handwriting analysts.

How is American Association of Handwriting Analysis abbreviated? AAHA stands for American Association of Handwriting Analysis. AAHA is defined as American Association of. AAHA, the American Association of Handwriting Analysts, Inc, is an international, non-profit organization of professionals and students, dedicated to the advancement of education, research, and public understanding of graphology.

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We would love to include you! Learn More About Us. Sinceour organization has been working hard to promote handwriting analysis. Membership has burgeoned and so have the benefits we offer. Newsletters which are part of membership/course instruction: American Association of Handwriting Analysts (Dialogue) bi-monthly, membership $35,00 per year Contact: Kate Wright American Handwriting Analysis Foundation published bi-monthly Contact: AHAF / P.O.

Box / San Jose, CA or ()

American handwriting association
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