A biography of michel de nostrodame a prophet

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Nostradamus: The Modern Prophet of Doom

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London: H. Sutton, Les véritables prophéties de Michel Nostradamus, en concordance avec les événemens de la révolution. The renowned prophet Michel de Nostradame was born on December 14, in St.

Remy, Provence, France. He came from a long line of Jewish doctors and scholars. His family had converted from Judaism to Christianity inas a result of persecution on the ascension of Louis XII. Michel de Nostradame was born in the south of France in Saint-Remy-de-Provence, one of nine children to Reyniere de St-Remy, and her husband Jaume de Nostradame, a well-to-do grain dealer and part-time notary of Jewish descent.

Nostradamus, also called Michel de Notredame or Nostredame, (born December 14,Saint-Rémy, France—died July 1/2,Salon), French astrologer and. Michel de Nostrodame (or his more used Latin name of Nostradamus) was born a Jew in the small town of St.

Remy de Province in southern France on the 14th of December Little is known about Nostradamus’s family apart from Jean his youngest brother became Procurer of .

A biography of michel de nostrodame a prophet
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